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First please go familiarize yourself with the different hero/unit types here in the game.
you can check it here>>>


Second is please familiarize yourself with the different heroes and their gambits adn tis effects.
you can check it here>>>


Third is please prepare to sit still for a while since this is a pretty long article to read... LOL.

Before I Proceed, I want to state all the basic stuff or the so called fundamentals.

There are 3 ways to get a hero.
1st is by getting choosing one out of the 5 starter heroes.
2nd is through defeating them in campaign (red enemies at the map) and collecting the necessary amount of tokens to unlock them.
3rd is by earning prestige, though you can only unlock them once you join a specific kingdom. each kingdoms PRESTIGE heroes are unique.

next is Heroes have 3 STATS.
1. Bravery ~affects NORMAL att & def
2. Tactics ~affects GAMBIT att & def
3. Magic ~ affects SPELL att & deff
*hero stats vary depending on their unit type, also
hero stats can be increased through ENLIGHTENMENT.
please check another guide for enlightening heroes.
TIP: even at level 1 enlighten your hero with 2 gold twice to get +10 to all stats.

There are a total of 6 equipments to choose from
Weapon ~ increases NORMAL att
Armor ~ increases NORMAL def
Horse ~ increases GAMBIT att
Cloak ~ increases GAMBIT def
Staff ~ increases SPELL att
Crowns ~ Increases UNITS or HP
*take note that there are no equipment for spell def
(check the other guide for equipments or gears)
TIP: determine what your hero NEEDS. so that you can prioritize what gears to upgrade.

There are 8 formations to be unlocked.
I think a formation is unlocked every 5 levels of the academy.
here are the formations arranged in what you will unlock 1st, and also additional info about each formation.

1. Diamond or Cross Formation ~ increases Block rate
@ used by infantry type units. to further increase block rate.
%weak against a spearhead hero at the middle, or a wind volley hero at the top or bottom.

2. Serpent formation ~ increases NORMAL attack
@good for machinery type units since it increases normal attack
%weak against wind volley hero at the middle and bottom.

3. Mallet or Anvil Formation ~ increases GAMBIT attack
@great for GAMBIT users.
%weak against a spearhead in the middle and windvolley anywhere
strong against spell types.

4. Crescent or Sickle formation ~ Increases Critical DAMAGE
@great for units with HIGH crit rate.
%weak against windvolley gambit hero

5. Wedge or Arrow Formation ~ Increases DODGE rate
@a very good defensive formation. using high dodge heroes here will benefit you more. since DODGE is applicable to ALL attacks, Normal, gambit, and Spel.
%weak against Spearhead or wind volley gambit heroes at the top and bottom.

6. 8 pentagram or sumthing ~ increases Spell attack
@good for Spell types
%weak against wind volley at the middle

7. Morning Star or sumthing ~ Increases counter attack damage
%not much info here, didnt bother using this before.

8. i forgot the name but it increases the NORMAL defence
%decent enough.

*take not that certain formations counters another formation, and certain gambits are strong against a certain formation and vise versa. also take note of the effects of each gambit.
Trivia: the order in which your heroes attack depend on their positions. look in you numpad and it goes like this

here are the different researches in the academy. and the level they can be achieved. though there are some differences with the names. since this is from DS, not COM, they are practically the same.

0: Diamond Form level 1
1: Honed Steel - Increases attack by 10,
5: Arsenal Expansion - 10 units
5: Serpent Form level 1
10: Lv 2 formations for 3 generals
10: Martial Prowess - 25 gambit attack,
25: Lv 5 formations for 4 generals
15: Plate Armor - 7 defense,
15: Anvil Form level 1 -
20: Unbreakable Lines - 18 gambit defense
25: Crescent Form level 1
30: Gears of War - 12 spell attack
35: Divine Providence - 8 spell defense
40: Inspiring Insignia increase units by 20 for each level
50: Lv 10 formations for 5 generals
Superior Tactician Lv 11/12: 330/340 BP
60: Herbalism - Decrease unit losses (1% per level)
65: Reinforcing Vigor, Stone Walls, Siege Tactics, Juggernaut, and other Legion Research

TIP: Max out all the basic reasearches to your level. those that increase units, NORMAL att&def, GAMBIT att&def. though the spell attack research depends if ur gonna use a healer. if not skip that research. and proceed with the SPELL def. research formations depending on your needs. though researching all formations is a great way to be versatile.

these is different from unit types.
1. Gambit type ~these includes all heroes who has a gambit attack.
c.Hybrid (both)

2. Machinary or Siege Type
a. single hitter
b. vertical
c. horizontal.
d. tank

3. Spell Type

4. Support type,
a. healers
b, priests ~ boosts morale of 1 unit to 100
c. flagbearers ~ boosts 34 morale to all units and reduces all enemy morale by 7 i think

Now, at last we can finally begin with the Starting Heroes.
at the beginning of the game you are asked to pick 1 from 5 heroes.
1. Fernando (cavalier*charge gambit)
2. Arya (archer*rush gambit)
3. Meera (swordsman*entrench)
4. Rickon (catapults*no gambit)
5. Grismund (huscarls*battle cry)

Though early game at the Robinhood campaign mostly hero level and gears are what matters, meaning choice of heroes doest matter pretty much. and unless your gonna use ur starting hero to the end of the game, well. here's a few tips and tricks about each of them.

Fernando's CHARGE combines his NORMAL attack damage and GAMBIT attack damage, meaning he could pack quite a punch if you have a strong weapon and horse. Very useful early game if you plan to kill a 3 hero army in 3 turns. (only applies if you have Boudica)

Arya with her Rush gambit can stun enemies for 1 turn. though it only is effective if ur facing 2-3 enemies. since you can take 1 out of the action while the rest of your troops damage them. (using with boudica and equipped with a strong horse is also very effective in making an enemy hero a sitting duck for target practice)

Meera's Entrench, make you invulnerable to NORMAL and GAMBIT damage for 1 turn (not immune to spells though). She is a Defensive Type of hero, which is a pretty good front liner. (use with boudica at the back and equip with a strong horse to make an almost immortal Meera which can be offensive and defensive at the same time)

Rikkon, is the sole starting hero who has no gambit. His Catapult units are pure offensive types., with a high critical rate. just equip him with a strong weapon and armor, and you;re good to go. a very cheap hero to use early game. though later on it will be difficult to compete with gambit types if you still dont have a decent cloak.
(you also need a frontliner for him, since you cant have meera, Richard the lion heart will suffice)

Grismunds, Battle Cry,

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